Sustainability is 

Our perspective

Over the last 20 years, we’ve observed that the social and environmental impacts of renewable energy vary depending on local conditions and the design and implementation of a project. In other words, sustainability looks different within each community and ecosystem. As such, we develop every project through a local lens.

For SkyNRG and SkyNRG Americas, sustainability is about much more than simply avoiding harmful impacts. We believe that sustainability is about improving the status quo and realizing a positive environmental and socio-economic impact from our efforts, while materially reducing the environmental impacts of aviation.

Our data-driven approach to feedstocks

Feedstock for the production of any Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) must be held to the highest sustainability standards, and is not necessarily always sustainable, or unsustainable, for all strategies in all locations. That is why we select every feedstock with care and only use feedstocks that result in local social and environmental benefits when used in our SAF production facilities. We combine our business intelligence and analytics to achieve a sustainable strategy, taking into account the unique characteristics of each region. Sustainability is critical for the success of SAF, the aviation sector, and our company’s mission.  

When we evaluate the feedstocks and conversion technologies used for the production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), it’s a challenge to carefully consider all legitimate claims on resource usage (e.g. energy, land, water, raw materials) and to produce and use them in an environmentally conscious way. That is why we are committed to seeking input from our sustainability board and following their advice.

Our standards

SkyNRG Americas will only produce SAF that meets the following sustainability criteria:

1) Impact of the production and use of our Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) meets or exceeds our goal of 80% emission reduction.
2) Standards of living, food security, and labor rights of communities along the value chain are safeguarded.
3) Critical natural resources like water availability, soil productivity, and biodiversity are maintained or enhanced.

Our impact

When we focus on well-managed projects in which SAF is produced in adherence to rigorous sustainability standards, we can have a profoundly positive effect on the region, including:

Significant reduction in climate-damaging greenhouse gases such as CO2, as well as PM emissions, which leads to improved local air quality around airports.
Increased regional supply of aviation fuels, improving fuel options for airports with single supply lines for jet fuel, thereby reducing supply and pricing volatility, both of which help maintain a more sustainable aviation industry.
Stimulation of local employment, and strengthening of local and regional economies that are adjacent to our facilities.

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Sustainability Board

To make informed decisions now and in the future, SkyNRG Americas has created an independent Sustainability Board consisting of leading North American NGOs and scientists. This is a diverse board with a growth mindset and a deep understanding of ecological and social impacts, renewable energy, sustainable aviation, innovation, low-income community needs, and the urgency to reduce aviation’s carbon footprint in North America. The Sustainability Board advises SkyNRG Americas on the social and environmental sustainability aspects related to the feedstocks, development and social justice components of our new production facilities in North America, as well as provide inputs on all aspects of the business including, transparency of our operations, community outreach to local stakeholders around our facilities, policy implications and the potential impact of our growth on the aviation industry. 

To learn more about SkyNRG’s Independent Sustainability Board please go here.