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SkyNRG supplies the world with today’s highest standard of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

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We develop SAF production facilities

We develop production facilities in North America that convert waste streams into Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) for standard aircraft.

Sustainability is



Our commitment

Climate tech

We are committed to a data-driven approach to SAF while maintaining the highest standards in quality, sustainability, and transparency.

Economic development

We increase economic opportunities, diversified energy supply and high-tech green jobs, while decreasing carbon emissions caused by aviation.

Why SkyNRG

We’re committed to having a net positive impact on the planet we share, the communities we engage and the aviation industry we support.

Aviation is essential to modern life.

Business, leisure, global development and e-commerce all need a robust and efficient system of aircraft moving about the globe.

Yet, the carbon footprint of today’s air transportation is significant and harmful to the planet and our future.
This challenge inspires us to innovate and lead by example.

By switching to Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) we can all make an immediate positive impact.
SAF is a low-carbon alternative to fossil-based jet fuel.

SkyNRG Americas is developing commercial-scale SAF production projects.
Our mission is to produce the world’s highest standard of SAF from waste materials that are safe and approved for use around the world.


Sustainability is our top priority.

We realize that SAF needs to be more than just a low-carbon fuel.
To be truly sustainable SAF must also consider biodiversity, land use, and social impacts. We not only take these factors into account – it is how we measure our success.

Organizations have a crucial role to play, now more than ever.
COVID-19 has put unprecedented pressure on essential sustainability initiatives. In an industry where decarbonization is most challenging and collective action most critical, our BOARD NOW program provides an opportunity to fulfill your organization’s own ambitions to be more responsible whilst supporting a continued transition to a sustainable future.


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