Independent Sustainability Board

In order to make the right decisions now and in the future, SkyNRG Americas installed an independent Sustainability Board consisting of leading NGOs and scientists. The Board advises SkyNRG on all aspects related to social- and environmental sustainability. They, for example, advise on the type of feedstocks used, R&D projects, SAF plant development, communication, policy implications, and growth strategies.

In the case of advice on feedstock and the SAF plant facilities, SkyNRG’s Sustainability Board follows a strict procedure that formulates their advice. SkyNRG can only continue with a with a specific feedstock, supplier or supply chain project when a positive advice from the Sustainability Board is given.

Members of SkyNRG’s Independent Sustainability Board

Barbara Bramble
Vice President, International Conservation and Corporate Strategies

National Wildlife Federation

Dr. Kevin Fingerman
Associate Professor of Environmental Science & Management

Humboldt State University

John Holler
Senior Program Officer of Climate Cooperation and Sustainable Fuels