We consider each of our SAF production facilities a project because each has a unique sustainability profile. For more information about how we develop projects see our Sustainability page.

SkyNRG’s first North American SAF production facility

Its first dedicated U.S. production facility for SAF will supply airports and airlines on the West Coast. Its location is currently being evaluated.

Factors deciding the final location will be:

Our goal is to produce 30 million gallons (90,000 tonnes) of SAF per year by 2027, from sources such as renewable natural gas (RNG) and green hydrogen.
Locating this new facility in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. enables us to produce SAF on a large scale and deliver it directly into key West Coast markets that have Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) policies.
Abundant renewable energy will be used to facilitate green hydrogen which will be included in our production process.
Our world-class development team has a strong track record in regional biofuel project development.

Site selection

Based on our preferred technology pathways for SAF production, we are evaluating numerous industrial sites. Our focus is on securing partners, sourcing inputs, offtake contracts for our SAF, logistics, community support, and labor availability for our workforce needs.

Airports served

We plan to supply our SAF to West Coast airports including Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Vancouver, Canada.

Additional products

While our primary focus is the production of SAF, we will have co-products that include ground transportation fuels and the potential for renewable chemicals. The final product slate will be based on policy and regional demands along with the economic value of our products. Part of our mission includes developing a robust and comprehensive production model that a) allows for diversity of products, b) facilitates swift adaptation to changing market conditions and c) maximizes the efficiency of our facilities.

Going green as a team

We have the clean energy expertise to make Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) a winning proposition for the people, business, and health of our world. But we cannot do it alone. Equitable partnerships are essential to our business.  


SkyNRG will support its affiliate SkyNRG Americas in multiple efforts, including:

1) SkyNRG will manage SAF sales and distribution from our DSL-PNW project. With over 10 years of experience and having delivered SAF on all continents across the globe, SkyNRG is the ideal partner in SAF sales and distribution for everything we do at SkyNRG Americas.

2) SkyNRG Americas’ projects will benefit from the Board Now program which will enable the business case for this commercial facility with the support of local and international corporate clients. More information on our programs and solutions efforts can be found here.

3) SkyNRG will share its wealth of experience developing and collaborating on pre-commercial supply chain projects through the Future Fuels team. These Future Fuel activities will lead to making informed decisions on feedstock-technology combinations in a regional setting.